Bardejov Parents Guide

Bardejov 2024 is a gripping historical drama directed by Danny A. Abeckaser. With a suggested PG rating, the English-language film, written by Shmuel Lynn and Kosta Kondilopoulos, is set to stream from Mar 19, 2024. Distributed and produced by Gravitas Ventures, it unfolds untold historical narratives with a focus on resilience.

Movie NameBardejov
GenreHistory, Drama
RatingNot Rated suggested PG
Original LanguageEnglish
DirectorDanny A. Abeckaser
WriterShmuel Lynn, Kosta Kondilopoulos
Release Date (Streaming)Mar 19, 2024
DistributorGravitas Ventures
Production CoGravitas Ventures

Bardejov Plot Summary

In the quaint town of Bardejov, a serene morning is shattered by the arrival of the Young Hilnka Guards, disrupting the peaceful atmosphere with the brash demand that every Jew in town register for work. Among the residents is Rafuel Lowy, not just a rabbi but also a skilled winemaker, whose world is about to be turned upside down.

In a hasty response to the Guard’s orders, Rafuel convenes with the Jewish council to strategize a plan of action, determined to protect the young boys of the town. Their sanctuary becomes the brewery, a place of both refuge and resistance against the looming threat.

However, the town’s girls, fueled by a courageous spirit, manage to outsmart the guards, infiltrating the brewery and liberating the boys. As dawn breaks, the tension is temporarily alleviated, but another ominous decree emerges: all girls in Bardejov must present themselves for work in a supposed shoe factory located in the distant East, with no room for exception.

Panic ensues, and the streets of Bardejov become a chaotic tapestry of fear and confusion. It is within this turmoil that Rafuel Lowy, ever vigilant, uncovers the shocking truth – there is no shoe factory. The girls are destined for Auschwitz, a place synonymous with unspeakable horrors.

Determined to defy this grim fate, Rafuel and the council devise a daring plan. Their strategy? Administer Typhus shots to the girls, creating a faux health crisis that necessitates quarantine within the town. This audacious move is not just an act of desperation but a beacon of hope, an attempt to save the lives of innocent girls and thwart the merciless machinery of oppression.

As the town braces itself for the consequences of its subversive actions, Rafuel Lowy emerges as a symbol of resilience, leading the charge to protect the youth and preserve the spirit of humanity in the face of unfathomable darkness.

Bardejov Parents Guide

  • Violence/Threats: The movie contains scenes depicting the disruptive actions of the Young Hilnka Guards, creating an atmosphere of tension and fear. The threat to the characters is evident, especially in the context of the enforced registration and subsequent sinister plans.
  • Disturbing Themes: The narrative explores sensitive and distressing themes related to the Holocaust, with the characters facing the grim reality of being targeted due to their Jewish identity. The mention of Auschwitz adds an intense layer to the storyline.
  • Resistance and Courage: Positive themes of resistance and courage are prevalent as characters, led by the protagonist Rafuel Lowy, strive to protect their community from impending danger. These elements contribute to the movie’s overall message of resilience in the face of adversity.
  • Deception and Strategy: The plot involves a degree of deception and strategic planning as characters attempt to outsmart the oppressors. This may be challenging for younger viewers to fully grasp.
  • Health Crisis Theme: The movie features a plot point where characters administer Typhus shots to create a faux health crisis. While this is done to protect the characters, it involves medical themes that might be intense for some viewers.
  • Overall Tone: The film maintains a serious and dramatic tone throughout, reflecting the gravity of the historical events it portrays.

Reason for Not Rated: The movie “Bardejov” is not rated due to its intense and mature themes, particularly the depiction of Holocaust-related events and the emotional gravity of the storyline.

Suggested Rating: Suggested rating: PG-13 for intense thematic elements, disturbing images, and historical content. Viewer discretion is advised, and parents are encouraged to assess their child’s maturity level before viewing.

Cast of Bardejov Film

  1. Danny A. Abeckaser as Dr. Atlas
  2. Julian Brass
  3. Robert Davi as Lowey
  4. Emil A. Fish
  5. Omer Hazan as Hershel
  6. Dean Miroshnikov
  7. Yigael Sachs as Rabbi Halberstam
  8. Kyle Stefanski
  9. Adi Tamir as Ester Fish
  10. Darren Weiss as Fredrik

Key Points:

  1. Setting: Historical drama set in Bardejov, centered around disruptive actions by Young Hilnka Guards.
  2. Characters: Rabbi Rafael Lowy leads the resistance, protecting the youth from impending danger.
  3. Plot: Deceptive strategies are employed to outsmart oppressors, involving a faux health crisis to save lives.
  4. Themes: Explores Holocaust-related themes, resistance, courage, and the grim reality of Auschwitz.
  5. Content Warning: Not rated due to intense and mature themes. Suggested PG-13 for thematic elements, disturbing images, and historical content.
  6. Cast: Includes Danny A. Abeckaser, Julian Brass, Robert Davi, Emil A. Fish, Omer Hazan, Dean Miroshnikov, Yigael Sachs, Kyle Stefanski, Adi Tamir, and Darren Weiss.