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Air Force One Down 2024 Parents Guide

Air Force One Down 2024 is an imminent American action film helmed by James Bamford, and scripted and produced by Steven Paul. The star-studded cast includes Katherine McNamara, Ian Bohen, Anthony Michael Hall, Dascha Polanco, and Rade Šerbedžija. Mark your calendars for its release on February 9, 2024.

Movie NameAir Force One Down
GenreAction, Mystery & Thriller, Crime
Original LanguageEnglish
DirectorJames Bamford
ProducerSteven Paul
WriterSteven Paul
Release Date (Theaters)Feb 9, 2024 (Limited)
Release Date (Streaming)Feb 13, 2024
Runtime1h 30m
DistributorParamount Global Content Distribution
Production CoRepublic Pictures, SP Media Group
Aspect RatioScope (2.35:1)

Air Force One Down Plot Summary

In her inaugural mission aboard Air Force One, a novice Secret Service agent finds herself thrust into the heart of a high-stakes thriller when a group of ruthless terrorists commandeers the presidential plane. The tension soars as the assailants, fueled by a sinister agenda to disrupt a crucial energy agreement, take control of the aircraft with unwavering determination.

As chaos ensues at 30,000 feet above ground, the young agent is faced with the daunting responsibility of safeguarding not only the President but also the fate of a pivotal international energy deal. The intricate web of political intrigue and global consequences adds layers of complexity to her already challenging mission.

Amidst the confined confines of Air Force One, the agent must navigate a treacherous landscape of deception, hidden motives, and conflicting loyalties. Her mettle is put to the test as she confronts a cadre of highly skilled and well-organized terrorists who stop at nothing to achieve their disruptive objectives.

The clock ticks relentlessly as the agent, armed with her training and instincts, grapples with moral dilemmas and personal sacrifices. The President’s life hangs in the balance, and the potential fallout from the thwarted energy deal could reshape the geopolitical landscape.

The airborne battleground becomes a crucible where the agent’s courage and resourcefulness are pushed to the limits. With every strategic move and daring decision, she strives to outwit the terrorists and preserve the safety of the President, all while grappling with the weight of the global ramifications that hinge on her success.

As the pulse-pounding confrontation unfolds at 30,000 feet, alliances shift, and unexpected alliances form. The agent must navigate a precarious path, making split-second choices that not only determine the immediate outcome but also have far-reaching repercussions for the geopolitical future.

In this relentless aerial thriller, the rookie Secret Service agent evolves from a novice into a formidable force, demonstrating resilience, ingenuity, and unyielding dedication to duty. The fate of the President, the energy deal, and the world itself hang in the balance as the airborne battle hurtles towards a gripping climax that could alter the course of history.

Air Force One Down 2024 Parents Guide

Violence: The film delivers intense and relentless airborne combat scenes that feature armed terrorists, contributing to a palpable sense of danger. Expect graphic depictions of hand-to-hand combat, life-threatening situations, and frequent instances of gunfire and explosions. The pervasive violence throughout may be too intense for younger viewers.

Language: The dialogue is characterized by strong and explicit language, including profanity. The script does not shy away from using coarse language, contributing to the film’s mature rating.

Sexual Content: While not a focal point, the movie includes brief sexual references and innuendos. Parents should be aware of the presence of these elements when considering the appropriateness for younger audiences.

Drug and Alcohol Use: Characters in the movie are depicted consuming alcohol in various scenes, and there are instances of drug references. Parents should be cautious, as these elements contribute to the mature rating.

Frightening/Intense Scenes: Tension is sustained throughout the film, with suspenseful moments and emotionally charged scenes. The portrayal of terrorism and its consequences is graphic and may be unsettling for some viewers. The movie explores morally challenging situations that add to the overall intensity.

Why is Air Force One Down Rated R?

Air Force One Down has been rated R due to its intense and graphic action sequences, strong language, and mature themes.

Cast of Air Force One Down

  • Katherine McNamara as Agent Allison Miles
  • Anthony Michael Hall as Sam Waitman
  • Ian Bohen as President Edwards
  • Dascha Polanco as Vice President Hansen
  • Rade Serbedzija
  • Trevor Van Uden as Agent Jim Richards
  • Paul S. Tracey as Mark Miller
  • Max Kraus as Vlad (Black Gloves)
  • Dimitris Pelekis as Agent of President
  • JR Esposito as Senior Staffer (as J.R. Esposito)
  • Pavel Vladimirov as Toma Hasak
  • Dmytro Rudyi as Agent

Key Points:

  • Plot: A Novice Secret Service agent faces terrorists hijacking Air Force One to disrupt an energy agreement.
  • Cast: Katherine McNamara as Agent Allison Miles, Anthony Michael Hall, Ian Bohen, Dascha Polanco, and Rade Šerbedžija, among others.
  • Rating: R for intense action, graphic combat, strong language, sexual content, and mature themes.
  • Release: Limited theater release on Feb 9, 2024, and streaming release on Feb 13, 2024.
  • Runtime: 1h 30m
  • Production: Republic Pictures, SP Media Group; Distributed by Paramount Global Content Distribution.
  • Themes: High-stakes thriller, political intrigue, global consequences, and the agent’s evolution from novice to a formidable force.
  • Parents Guide: Highlights intense airborne combat, explicit language, brief sexual content, alcohol/drug use, and frightening/intense scenes.
  • Mature Content: Graphic combat scenes, strong language, sexual references, and alcohol/drug use contribute to the mature rating.
  • Character Evolution: The film portrays the rookie agent’s transformation into a resilient force amid a gripping airborne battle.
  • Climax: The movie builds towards a suspenseful climax with shifting alliances and far-reaching repercussions.