Seize Them 2024 Parents Guide

Seize Them 2024 is an upcoming drama directed by Curtis Vowell, written by Andy Riley, and starring Aimee Lou Wood, Nicola Coughlan, and Paul Kaye. The film is set to release on April 5, 2024, in the United Kingdom. It is filmed in Oxwich Bay, Swansea, Wales, and the narrative promises a captivating cinematic experience.

Movie NameSeize Them
DirectorCurtis Vowell
WriterAndy Riley
StarsAimee Lou Wood, Nicola Coughlan, Paul Kaye
RatingNot Yet
Release dateApril 5, 2024 (United Kingdom)
Country of originUnited Kingdom
Filming locationsOxwich Bay, Swansea, Wales
DistributorEntertainment Film Distributors

Seize Them Plot Summary

In the backdrop of Dark Ages Britain, “Seize Them” unfolds a riveting tale of political upheaval and resilience. The once-revered Queen Dagan finds herself dethroned in the aftermath of a sweeping revolution masterminded by the tenacious Humble Joan. Cast into the shadows of her own kingdom, Queen Dagan transforms from a sovereign ruler to a fugitive, navigating treacherous landscapes and facing unforeseen challenges.

As the narrative unfolds, audiences are immersed in Queen Dagan’s arduous journey, a perilous odyssey fraught with hardship and danger. Stripped of her regal privileges, she must confront the harsh realities of her transformed status and find the inner strength to navigate a world that has turned against her.

In her quest to reclaim her rightful place on the throne, Queen Dagan embarks on a captivating voyage marked by unexpected alliances, betrayals, and the unyielding spirit of a monarch determined to overcome the odds. Against the backdrop of a politically charged and tumultuous landscape, the film delves into the complexities of leadership, loyalty, and the enduring quest for justice.

“Seize Them” paints a vivid portrait of a resilient queen who must navigate the intricate web of power dynamics, forging alliances with unlikely allies and confronting formidable adversaries. The audience is taken on an emotional rollercoaster as Queen Dagan’s journey unfolds, exploring themes of courage, redemption, and the indomitable human spirit in the face of adversity. With each twist and turn, the film keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, culminating in a climactic showdown that will determine the fate of Queen Dagan and the kingdom she once ruled.

Seize Them 2024 Parents Guide

  • Violence: The film includes scenes of political unrest, revolution, and confrontations. There are depictions of perilous situations, but the level of violence is moderate.
  • Language: Mild language may be present, but it is infrequent and not excessive.
  • Themes: The movie explores themes of political upheaval, betrayal, resilience, and redemption. Some scenes depict characters facing hardship and danger.
  • Intensity: The narrative contains emotionally charged moments and suspenseful sequences. The overall tone may be intense for sensitive viewers.
  • Sensuality: Minimal sensuality is present, with a focus on the central plot rather than explicit content.
  • Substance Use: There may be brief instances of alcohol consumption, but substance use is not a central theme.

Note: The age rating for the film is not provided. Parents are encouraged to assess the content based on their child’s maturity and sensitivity to the themes mentioned above.

Cast of Seize Them Film

  1. Aimee Lou Wood as Queen Dagan
  2. Nicola Coughlan as Humble Joan
  3. Paul Kaye as King Ivarr
  4. Nick Frost as Bobik
  5. Lolly Adefope as Shulmay
  6. Jessica Hynes as Leofwine
  7. James Acaster as Felix the Ironmonger
  8. John Macmillan as King Guthrum
  9. Murray McArthur as Ur-Nammu
  10. Nitin Ganatra as Witgar the Baker
  11. Matthew Cottle as Alric the Painter
  12. Jason Barnett as Thane Tostig
  13. Dino Kelly as Sergeant Maxen
  14. Victoria Broom as Queen Fritha
  15. Marcus Onilude as Captain Gildas
  16. Ben Ashenden as Penda The Rebel
  17. Ben Rufus Green as Osmund the Leather-Maker
  18. Mark Hillman as Soldier with Mace
  19. Jonathan Gunning as Vortimer the Farmer
  20. Adam Fray as Hengist the Crier
  21. Annie Brothers as Girl watching puppet show
  22. Georgia Brothers as Girl watching puppet show
  23. Darcie Brothers as Girl watching puppet show

Summary & Key points:

  • Genre: Drama
  • Director: Curtis Vowell
  • Writer: Andy Riley
  • Stars: Aimee Lou Wood, Nicola Coughlan, Paul Kaye
  • Release Date: April 5, 2024 (UK)
  • Setting: Dark Ages Britain, filmed in Oxwich Bay, Swansea, Wales
  • Plot: Queen Dagan’s journey from ruler to fugitive post-revolution led by Humble Joan
  • Themes: Political upheaval, betrayal, resilience, redemption
  • Tone: Moderate violence, infrequent mild language
  • Sensuality: Minimal, with a focus on the central plot
  • Substance Use: Brief alcohol consumption
  • Cast: Notable actors include Nick Frost, Lolly Adefope, Jessica Hynes, James Acaster, and more.
  • Rating: Not provided; viewer discretion advised.