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Road House 2024 Parents Guide

Road House 2024, directed by Doug Liman and written by Anthony Bagarozzi and Chuck Mondry, is an upcoming American action film. Serving as a reimagining of the 1989 film of the same name, it features a star-studded cast including Jake Gyllenhaal, Daniela Melchior, Conor McGregor, and Billy Magnussen. Joel Silver, the producer of the original film, is also behind this project.

The film is set to premiere worldwide at South by Southwest on March 8, 2024, as the opening night film. Following the premiere, Road House is scheduled for release on March 21, 2024, exclusively on Prime Video through Amazon MGM Studios.

Movie NameRoad House
GenreAction, Thriller
DirectorDoug Liman
WritersAnthony Bagarozzi, R. Lance Hill, Chuck Mondry
Release Date (Streaming)March 21, 2024
ProducersJoel Silver
Original LanguageEnglish
Runtime1 hour 54 minutes
DistributorAmazon MGM Studios
Production CompanyMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer

Road House Plot Summary

In the sultry and sun-soaked landscapes of the Florida Keys, a retired UFC fighter named Jake “Hurricane” Harris finds himself navigating a new chapter of his life. Battling the ghosts of his past and seeking solace from the relentless violence of the mixed martial arts world, Jake reluctantly accepts a job as a bouncer at a seemingly tranquil roadhouse nestled amidst the palm trees and ocean breeze.

As he steps into the role of the silent guardian of the establishment, Jake quickly realizes that the surface tranquility of the Florida Keys belies a complex and often treacherous underbelly. The roadhouse, with its façade of a simple tropical getaway, becomes a microcosm of conflicting interests, clandestine dealings, and untold secrets.

The eclectic mix of patrons, from sun-kissed locals to mysterious drifters, unveils a tapestry of interconnected stories. Jake’s seemingly straightforward job takes unexpected turns as he becomes entangled in a web of intrigue that stretches beyond the confines of the roadhouse. The idyllic exterior of the Keys shatters to reveal a world where alliances are fragile, trust is a rare commodity, and danger lurks in unexpected corners.

As Jake delves deeper into the shadows of the tropical paradise, he discovers a conspiracy that threatens not only the roadhouse but the entire community. With his background in martial arts, he must rely on his physical prowess and strategic mind to navigate a maze of deception, crime, and personal vendettas.

Amidst the swaying palms and salty air, Jake forges unexpected alliances and faces formidable adversaries. The roadhouse transforms from a mere backdrop to a battleground where the lines between right and wrong blur, and the distinction between hero and villain becomes elusive.

In this thrilling journey through the Florida Keys, Jake Harris confronts his own demons, grapples with the complexities of morality, and realizes that, in this tropical paradise, survival requires more than just physical strength—it demands cunning, resilience, and the ability to discern the true nature of the paradise he thought he had found.

Road House 2024 Parents Guide


  • Intense and realistic martial arts sequences throughout the film.
  • Frequent physical confrontations, including brawls and fight scenes.
  • Presence of weapons and use of force in various situations.
  • Depiction of perilous situations and life-threatening scenarios.


  • Frequent use of strong and explicit language, including profanity.
  • Crude and mature dialogue is prevalent throughout.

Sexual Content:

  • Brief nudity and sexual scenes.
  • Some sexual innuendos and references.

Drug and Alcohol Use:

  • Depiction of characters consuming alcohol and using drugs.
  • Scenes of substance abuse and its consequences.


  • Exploration of complex moral dilemmas and ethical choices.
  • An in-depth portrayal of a conspiracy involving crime and deception.
  • Intense psychological and emotional challenges faced by characters.


  • The film contains high levels of suspense, tension, and dramatic moments.
  • The graphic and realistic portrayal of violence may be unsettling for some viewers.

Overall Parental Recommendation: This movie is rated R for a reason. Parents are strongly cautioned, as the content is not suitable for children under 17 without parental guidance. The film contains intense violence, explicit language, sexual content, and mature themes that may be disturbing for younger audiences. Viewer discretion is advised.

Why is Road House rated R?

Road House” is rated R due to intense and realistic martial arts sequences, frequent strong language, explicit sexual content, depiction of substance abuse, and mature themes

Cast of Road House Film

  1. Jake Gyllenhaal as Elwood Dalton
  2. Daniela Melchior as Ellie
  3. Billy Magnussen
  4. Jessica Williams
  5. Darren Barnet
  6. Conor McGregor as Knox
  7. J. D. Pardo
  8. Arturo Castro
  9. Joaquim de Almeida
  10. Gbemisola Ikumelo
  11. Lukas Gage
  12. Hannah Love Lanier
  13. Travis Van Winkle
  14. B. K. Cannon
  15. Dominique Columbus
  16. Beau Knapp
  17. Bob Menery
  18. Kevin Carroll
  19. Jay Hieron

Key Points

  • “Road House 2024” is an action film directed by Doug Liman, a reimagining of the 1989 movie.
  • The star-studded cast includes Jake Gyllenhaal, Daniela Melchior, Conor McGregor, and Billy Magnussen.
  • Premiere at South by Southwest on March 8, 2024, exclusively on Prime Video on March 21, 2024.
  • The plot centers around retired UFC fighter Jake Harris working as a bouncer, uncovering a conspiracy in the Florida Keys.
  • Rated R for intense martial arts, explicit language, sexual content, substance abuse, and mature themes.
  • The cast features Jake Gyllenhaal, Daniela Melchior, Conor McGregor, Billy Magnussen, and others.