Ponyboi 2024 Parents Guide

Ponyboi (2024) is a gripping American thriller directed by Esteban Arango, featuring a screenplay crafted by River Gallo. The film, based on Gallo’s 2019 short film of the same title, stars River Gallo alongside notable actors such as Dylan O’Brien, Victoria Pedretti, Murray Bartlett, and Indya Moore.

Premiering at the prestigious 2024 Sundance Film Festival on January 20, 2024

Movie NamePonyboi
RatingNot Rated
Director  Esteban Arango
WriterRiver Gallo
StarDylan O’Brien, Victoria Pedretti, Murray Bartlett
Released dateJanuary 20, 2024
Running time1 Hour 43 minutes
CountryUnited State
ProductionTideline Entertainment

Ponyboi Plot Summary

Set against the backdrop of Valentine’s Day in the heart of New Jersey, our story revolves around Alex, a young and resilient intersex individual working in the challenging world of sex trade. On this particular Valentine’s Day, Alex finds themselves entangled in a perilous web of danger when a seemingly routine drug deal takes a dramatic turn for the worse.

As the night unfolds, the mob becomes an unexpected adversary after the botched drug transaction. Now, with the mob hot on Alex’s heels, a relentless pursuit begins, thrusting our protagonist into a high-stakes game of survival. Throughout this harrowing journey, Alex is forced to confront the shadows of their own past, unveiling a complex tapestry of personal struggles, resilience, and self-discovery.

Against the neon-lit streets of New Jersey, Alex navigates the labyrinth of their own emotions and experiences, all while outrunning danger at every turn. Along the way, unexpected alliances form, offering glimmers of hope amidst the chaos. As dawn approaches, secrets are unraveled, and Alex must confront not only the mob but also the deeply buried aspects of their identity.

With themes of love, redemption, and the search for acceptance, this gripping tale explores the transformative power of one fateful night. Will Alex manage to escape the clutches of the mob, and in doing so, find the strength to fully embrace who they are? Valentine’s Day becomes a symbol not just of romance, but of resilience and self-discovery in the face of adversity.

Ponyboi 2024 Parents Guide


  • Moderate to intense violence throughout the film.
  • Action sequences include chases, confrontations, and physical altercations.
  • Some scenes depict the threat of harm and perilous situations.

Sexual Content:

  • Strong sexual themes related to the protagonist’s occupation as a sex worker.
  • Implied sexual activity, though no explicit scenes are shown.
  • Brief nudity and sexual references.


  • Frequent use of strong language, including profanity and explicit dialogue.

Drug and Alcohol Use:

  • Extensive portrayal of drug use, particularly in the context of a drug deal gone awry.
  • Characters shown consuming alcohol in various scenes.


  • Mature themes exploring identity, resilience, and self-discovery.
  • Mob-related elements contribute to intense and suspenseful moments.

Intensity and Frightening Scenes:

  • Tense and suspenseful scenes throughout the film.
  • Some moments may be emotionally charged and could be distressing for sensitive viewers.

Overall: This movie contains mature themes and intense content, including violence, sexual references, and drug-related scenes. Viewer discretion is advised.

Cast of Ponyboi Film

  1. Dylan O’Brien as Dylan O’Brien
  2. Victoria Pedretti as Victoria Pedretti
  3. Murray Bartlett as Bruce
  4. Indya Moore as Charlie
  5. River Gallo as Ponyboi
  6. Keith William Richards as Two-Tone
  7. Bryant Carroll as Al
  8. Juan Carlos Hernández as Juan Carlos Hernández
  9. Jari Jones as Foxxxy
  10. Aphrodite Armstrong as Gina
  11. Moisés Acevedo as Sticky
  12. Annie Henk as Luz
  13. Kevin Matthew Mcdonald as Silvio
  14. NaTonia Monét as Yolanda
  15. Miles Coreas as Young Ponyboi
  16. Denis Lambert as Jeff
  17. Stephen Moscatello as Lucky
  18. Tony Mitchell as Husband in Laundromat (uncredited)

Summary & Key points

  • Title: “Ponyboi” (2024)
  • Genre: Drama, Not Rated
  • Director: Esteban Arango
  • Writer: River Gallo
  • Stars: Dylan O’Brien, Victoria Pedretti, Murray Bartlett
  • Release Date: January 20, 2024
  • Running Time: 1h 43m
  • Plot: On Valentine’s Day, New Jersey sex worker Alex faces danger from a botched drug deal, pursued by the mob. The film explores themes of survival and self-discovery.
  • Parents Guide: Moderate to intense violence, strong sexual themes, explicit language, drug use, mature themes. Viewer discretion advised.
  • Cast: Notable actors include Dylan O’Brien, Victoria Pedretti, Murray Bartlett, Indya Moore, and River Gallo.