Maboroshi Parents Guide

Maboroshi 2024, directed by Mari Okada, is a captivating animated film that seamlessly blends elements of drama, fantasy, and romance. With a TV-14 rating, this Japanese production features the voices of talented stars Junya Enoki, Reina Ueda, and Misaki Kuno. Released on January 15, 2024, and with a runtime of 1 hour and 51 minutes, “Maboroshi” promises an immersive experience, available to a global audience through Netflix.

Movie NameMaboroshi also known as мабороші
GenreAnimation, Drama, Fantasy, and Romance
DirectorMari Okada
StarJunya Enoki, Reina Ueda, Misaki Kuno
Release DateJanuary  15, 2024
Runtime1 hour 51 minutes

Maboroshi Plot Summary

In the quiet town of Sable Haven, where time has inexplicably halted after a mysterious explosion at the steelworks factory, Masamune, a thoughtful third-year middle school student, navigates the desolate landscape of his once-thriving community. The town’s eerie stasis has trapped its inhabitants in a monotonous existence, forbidden from changing and resigned to the perpetual gloom that surrounds them.

Masamune’s ordinary life takes an unexpected turn when his enigmatic classmate, Atsumi, beckons him to the forbidden territory of the fifth blast furnace at the heart of the steelworks factory. There, amidst the rusting relics of industry, they encounter a girl who moves with the untamed grace of a wolf and communicates only through cryptic gestures. This mysterious meeting becomes the catalyst that unravels the tightly held threads of Sable Haven’s stagnant reality.

The girl, who Masamune learns is named Aria, becomes a symbol of untamed freedom and a stark contrast to the town’s lifeless routine. As Masamune, Atsumi, and Aria form an unlikely trio, the equilibrium of the stagnant world begins to tremble. Aria’s silent presence and wild spirit bring an unforeseen energy that disrupts the carefully preserved order of Sable Haven, challenging the status quo.

As Masamune and his newfound companions traverse the abandoned industrial landscapes and crumbling buildings, they uncover hidden secrets about the town’s frozen state. A mysterious force, linked to the explosion that sealed Sable Haven’s fate, is revealed, and the trio embarks on a quest to find a way to reverse the town’s temporal stasis.

However, the unfathomable connection between Masamune, Atsumi, and Aria sets off a chain reaction of emotions among the other residents. The suppressed “love impulse” dormant within the hearts of the townspeople begins to awaken, creating a cascade of unpredictable consequences. Friendships fracture, alliances form, and long-buried desires emerge, all contributing to the impending chaos that threatens to consume Sable Haven.

As the trio delves deeper into the mystery, they must navigate the emotional turmoil of their peers and confront their own feelings. The once-static town becomes a battleground of conflicting emotions, mirroring the turbulent journey of Masamune, Atsumi, and Aria.

“Ephemeral Echoes” explores the transformative power of human connections, the consequences of suppressed emotions, and the resilience of the human spirit in the face of a frozen world. Will Masamune and his companions unravel the mysteries of Sable Haven and restore the natural flow of time, or will the unstoppable force of love impulse lead to the irreversible collapse of their once-stagnant reality?

Maboroshi Parents Guide

Why is Maboroshi rated TV-14?

Maboroshi is rated TV-14 due to its themes of emotional complexity, mature subject matter, and potentially intense scenes, making it suitable for viewers aged 14 and above.

Content Overview:

  • Violence: Minimal, with scenes of characters exploring abandoned industrial landscapes. No explicit or graphic violence.
  • Language: Mild language throughout the movie, suitable for a general audience.
  • Sexual Content: None. The focus is on relationships and emotions rather than explicit content.
  • Drug/Alcohol Use: No instances of drug or alcohol use portrayed in the film.


  • Mystery and Adventure: The plot revolves around solving the mystery of a frozen town, leading to moments of suspense and exploration.
  • Friendship and Connection: Emphasis on the transformative power of human connections and friendships.
  • Emotional Turmoil: Characters navigate their emotions and the consequences of suppressed feelings in a stagnant environment.
  • Love Impulse: A central theme exploring the awakening of romantic feelings among characters, but presented in a sensitive and age-appropriate manner.

Suitability for Different Age Groups:

  • Younger Audiences (Under 10): Generally suitable, as there is no explicit content. Some themes may be more appreciated by older viewers.
  • Preteens and Teens (10-16): The film is designed for this age group, with relatable characters and age-appropriate exploration of emotions.
  • Adults: While the primary focus is on younger characters, adults may also find the themes of human connection and mystery engaging.

Cast of Maboroshi Film

  • Yukiyo Fujii as Reina Yasumi (voice)
  • Tasuku Hatanaka as Atsushi Nitta (voice)
  • Kento Hayashi as Tokimune Kikuiri (voice)
  • Maki Kawase as Hina Hara (voice)
  • Daiki Kobayashi as Yasunari Semba (voice)
  • Ayaka Saito as Yûko Sonobe (voice)
  • Setsuji Sato as Mamoru Sagami (voice)
  • Kôji Seto as Akimune Kikuiri (voice)
  • Taku Yashiro as Daisuke Sasakura (voice)

Key Points:

  • Genre: Animation, Drama, Fantasy, Romance
  • Rating: TV-14
  • Director: Mari Okada
  • Stars: Junya Enoki, Reina Ueda, Misaki Kuno
  • Release Date: January 15, 2024
  • Plot: Town frozen in time, trio disrupts stagnation, quests to reverse temporal stasis, “love impulse” chaos ensues.
  • Parental Guide: Suitable for ages 14 and above, minimal violence, mild language, no explicit content.
  • Themes: Mystery, friendship, emotional turmoil, love impulse.
  • Cast Highlights: Yukiyo Fujii, Tasuku Hatanaka, Kento Hayashi, Maki Kawase, Daiki Kobayashi, Ayaka Saito, Setsuji Sato, Kôji Seto, Taku Yashiro.