Hit Man Parents Guide

Hit Man, a 2023 American action comedy film, co-produced and directed by Richard Linklater, features Glen Powell and Adria Arjona. Powell and Linklater co-wrote the screenplay, inspired by Skip Hollandsworth’s 2001 Texas Monthly magazine article of the same name. The plot follows an undercover Houston police officer assuming the role of a dependable hitman to rescue a woman in distress.

Premiering at the 80th Venice International Film Festival on September 5, 2023, “Hit Man” is set for release on June 7, 2024, exclusively on Netflix.

Movie NameHit Man
DirectorRichard Linklater
GenreAction, Comedy
Original LanguageEnglish
ProducersSteve Barnett
WritersRichard Linklater, Glen Powell, Skip Hollandsworth
Release Date (Streaming)June 7, 2024
Runtime1 hour 53 minutes
Production CompanyBarnStorm Productions, Aggregate Films, Detour Filmproduction, AGC Studios

Hit Man Plot Summary

In the pulsating heart of New Orleans, Gary Johnson reigns supreme as the city’s most elusive and in-demand professional assassin. His reputation precedes him like a dark legend, with clients treating him as the shadowy protagonist of a cinematic thriller. However, beneath the veneer of a mysterious and lethal gun-for-hire lies a complex reality: Gary is not just an enigma, but a pawn in a treacherous game.

His clientele extends beyond the usual suspects, as Gary reluctantly executes assignments for the very law enforcement that is supposed to uphold justice. It’s a dangerous dance on the razor’s edge, where trust is a rare commodity, and betrayal lurks around every corner. The line between legality and criminality blurs as Gary navigates this treacherous world of deceit and double-crossing.

Everything changes when a desperate woman enters Gary’s dark and dangerous orbit. Fleeing from an abusive husband, she becomes the unexpected catalyst for a seismic shift in Gary’s tightly controlled existence. In a moment of moral defiance, he breaks protocol and decides to help her, setting in motion a series of events that will shatter the carefully constructed facades he’s built over the years.

As Gary immerses himself deeper into his false personas, a transformation begins to unfold. The cold and calculated killer finds himself questioning the very principles that have defined his existence. The line between hunter and hunted blurs as he grapples with conflicting emotions, including an unexpected and forbidden attraction to the woman he’s sworn to protect.

Caught in a web of conflicting loyalties, Gary Johnson faces a crossroads that could redefine not only his own destiny but the fate of those around him. The city that once served as the backdrop for his clandestine operations now becomes the stage for a gripping and suspenseful drama where alliances are tested, secrets unravel, and the enigmatic assassin is forced to confront the ghosts of his past.

In this noir-inspired tale of love, betrayal, and redemption, Gary Johnson must navigate a labyrinth of deceit, all while evading the very forces he once served. Will he succumb to the shadows that threaten to consume him, or will he find a way to break free from the cycle of violence and forge a new path? The answers lie in the murky depths of New Orleans, where the line between hero and villain is as thin as the blade Gary wields with deadly precision.

Hit Man Parents Guide

MPAA Rating: Rated R for language throughout, sexual content, and some violence.

Language: Throughout the film, characters employ strong language, including the use of profanity and explicit dialogue. The dialogue is consistently intense and may be offensive to some viewers.

Sexual Content: The movie contains explicit sexual content, featuring intimate scenes and suggestive imagery. The depiction of relationships includes adult themes and situations. Parents should be aware that the content is not suitable for younger audiences.

Violence: Scenes of violence are prevalent, ranging from intense confrontations to action sequences. Some moments portray graphic violence, which may be unsettling for sensitive viewers. The film does not shy away from depicting the physical consequences of the characters’ actions.

Drug Use: The film may include scenes depicting drug use, which is presented within the context of the storyline. Parents should be aware of these instances when considering the appropriateness for certain age groups.

Nudity: There may be instances of nudity, including scenes with partial or full nudity, contributing to the mature nature of the film.

Themes: The movie explores mature themes such as betrayal, moral ambiguity, and the consequences of one’s actions. These complex themes may be challenging for younger audiences to fully grasp.

Overall Content Advisory: This movie is designated as R-rated due to its intense language, sexual content, and violent scenes. Parents are strongly advised to exercise discretion and consider the maturity of their children before allowing them to watch this film. The content is intended for mature audiences who can navigate and comprehend the adult themes presented throughout the movie.

Why is Hit Man rated R?

Hit Man is rated R for its inclusion of strong language throughout, explicit sexual content, and intense scenes of violence.

Cast of Hit Man Film

  1. Austin Amelio as Jasper
  2. Sanjay Rao as a police officer Gary works for
  3. Retta as a police officer Gary works for
  4. Evan Holtzman as Ray Masters
  5. Adria Arjona as Maddy Masters
  6. Glen Powell as Gary Johnson
  7. Molly Bernard
  8. Mike Markoff

Key Points:

  1. Plot Overview: Gary Johnson, a renowned assassin in New Orleans, becomes a pawn in a treacherous game involving law enforcement.
  2. Turning Point: Gary’s life changes when he decides to help a desperate woman, challenging his tightly controlled existence.
  3. Character Transformation: As Gary immerses himself deeper into his false personas, he questions his principles and faces conflicting emotions.
  4. Conflict and Loyalties: Gary grapples with conflicting loyalties, and the city becomes the stage for a drama where alliances are tested, secrets unravel, and ghosts of the past emerge.
  5. Parental Advisory: The film is rated R for strong language, explicit sexual content, intense violence, drug use, and mature themes. It’s not suitable for younger audiences.
  6. Cast: The cast includes Glen Powell, Adria Arjona, Austin Amelio, Sanjay Rao, Retta, Evan Holtzman, Molly Bernard, and Mike Markoff.
  7. Release Information: Premiered at the Venice International Film Festival, set for Netflix release on June 7, 2024.