Founders Day 2023 Parents Guide

Founders Day 2023 is a chilling R-rated horror, mystery, and thriller directed by Erik Bloomquist. In English, with a 1h 46m runtime, the film hits theaters in a limited release on Jan 19, 2024. Produced by Erik Bloomquist, Carson Bloomquist, and Adam Weppler, and distributed by Dark Sky Films, “Founders Day” promises intense language, strong bloody violence, and some sexual references. With a compelling narrative and a digital 2.39:1 aspect ratio, this film is set to deliver a gripping cinematic experience.

Movie NameFounders Day
GenreHorror, Mystery & Thriller
Original LanguageEnglish
DirectorErik Bloomquist
ProducersErik Bloomquist, Carson Bloomquist, Adam Weppler
WritersErik Bloomquist, Carson Bloomquist
Release Date (Theaters)Jan 19, 2024 (Limited)
Runtime1h 46m
DistributorDark Sky Films
Production CompanyMainframe Pictures
Aspect RatioDigital 2.39:1

Founders Day Movie Plot Summary

In this riveting and politically charged slasher film crafted by the Bloomquist Brothers, the tranquil facade of a quaint small town is violently shattered as a series of ominous murders unfurl in the days preceding a fiercely contested mayoral election. The sleepy streets are suddenly transformed into a chilling battleground where accusations and suspicions become as deadly as the looming presence of a mysterious masked killer.

As the electoral fervor reaches its peak, the once close-knit community finds itself tangled in a web of fear and paranoia. Every street corner becomes a shadowy realm fraught with the palpable threat of the unseen murderer. The town’s serenity becomes a mere illusion, shattered by the gruesome acts that cast a grim pall over the impending election.

Against the backdrop of political tension, a diverse array of characters, each harboring their own secrets and motives, are forced into an uneasy alliance as they grapple to unearth the truth. The fabric of trust begins to fray, alliances shift, and the very foundation of the town’s social order is tested.

In a race against time, the residents must navigate the treacherous terrain of deception and intrigue, striving to expose the identity of the masked assailant before the town succumbs to the grip of unrelenting fear. As the body count rises and the clock ticks down, the battle for both political power and survival becomes inexorably entwined, creating a suspenseful and pulse-pounding narrative that explores the dark underbelly of both politics and human nature. Will the town emerge from this harrowing ordeal with its democratic principles intact, or will the malevolent force behind the mask succeed in plunging it into chaos? Only time will reveal the true cost of seeking justice in the face of a formidable and enigmatic adversary.

Founders Day 2023 Parents Guide

Why is Founders Day Rated R?

Founders Day is rated R for intense and graphic violence, strong language, and disturbing thematic elements

Violence: The movie contains intense and graphic scenes of violence, including brutal murders and suspenseful moments. Viewers should expect explicit depictions of the masked killer’s actions, contributing to an overall atmosphere of tension and fear.

Language: The film includes strong language throughout, with characters using profanity and engaging in heated verbal confrontations.

Sexual Content: While there may be some sexual tension and suggestive themes, explicit sexual content is limited. However, discretion is advised due to the intense nature of the movie.

Drug and Alcohol Use: The characters are depicted consuming alcohol, and there are scenes involving the use of substances. The film portrays the consequences and challenges associated with substance use.

Frightening Scenes: The movie is designed to be suspenseful and may be frightening for some viewers. The masked killer, along with the atmosphere of fear and paranoia, contributes to an unsettling viewing experience.

Themes: The film explores political intrigue, deception, and the dark side of human nature within the context of a mayoral election. Themes of fear, trust betrayal, and the quest for justice are prevalent throughout.

Overall Parental Caution: The R rating is appropriate due to the intense violence, strong language, and unsettling themes. This movie is not suitable for children or younger teenagers, and parental discretion is strongly advised.


  1. Devin Druid as Adam Faulkner
  2. Emilia McCarthy as Lilly Gladwell
  3. Amy Hargreaves as Blair Gladwell
  4. Catherine Curtin as Commissioner Peterson
  5. William Russ as Mr. Jackson
  6. Naomi Grace as Allison Chambers
  7. Olivia Nikkanen as Melissa Faulkner
  8. Jayce Bartok as Harold Faulkner
  9. Andrew Stewart-Jones as Thomas Chambers
  10. Tyler James White as Rob Donahue
  11. Erik Bloomquist as Oliver Hull


Founders Day directed by Erik Bloomquist, is an R-rated horror, mystery, and thriller film set for limited release on Jan 19, 2024. Produced by Bloomquist, Carson Bloomquist, and Adam Weppler, and distributed by Dark Sky Films.

Key Points:

  1. Genre and Rating: R-rated horror, mystery, and thriller with intense violence, strong language, and disturbing themes.
  2. Release Information: Limited release on Jan 19, 2024, directed by Erik Bloomquist, and produced by Mainframe Pictures, distributed by Dark Sky Films.
  3. Plot Summary: The film unfolds a series of murders in a small town before a mayoral election, turning the streets into a battleground of fear and paranoia.
  4. Parental Guide: Not suitable for children or younger teenagers due to explicit violence, strong language, and unsettling themes. Depicts substance use and explores political intrigue and deception.
  5. Cast: Includes Devin Druid, Emilia McCarthy, Amy Hargreaves, and others portraying characters dealing with fear, trust, and political tension.
  6. Overall Tone: A suspenseful narrative exploring the dark side of politics and human nature, posing questions about justice and chaos in the face of an enigmatic adversary.