Five Blind Dates 2024 Parents Guide

Five Blind Dates 2024,” a delightful blend of comedy and romance directed by Shawn Seet. With a stellar cast featuring Shuang Hu, Yoson An, and Jon Prasida, this Australian film is set to captivate audiences. Scheduled for release on February 13, 2024, in Australia, the movie is a production of Amazon Studios and Goalpost Pictures.

Movie NameFive Blind Dates
GenresComedy, Romance
RatingNot Yet
DirectorShawn Seet
WritersShuang Hu, Nathan Ramos-Park
StarsShuang Hu, Yoson An, Jon Prasida
Release DateFebruary 13, 2024 (Australia)
Country of OriginAustralia
Production CompaniesAmazon Studios, Goalpost Pictures

Five Blind Dates Plot Summary

“In the heart of bustling China, “Five Blind Dates” weaves a captivating tale that not only delves into the intricacies of Chinese culture but also unravels the complex tapestry of family dynamics. Our protagonist, an indomitable tea shop owner, embarks on a remarkable journey after a chance encounter with a mysterious fortune-teller.

Set against the backdrop of a vibrant tea shop, the story unfolds as our tenacious heroine receives a prophecy that changes the course of her life. The fortune-teller predicts that her destined soulmate awaits discovery within the next five dates she courageously undertakes. Thus begins a compelling odyssey that transcends the boundaries of ordinary romance.

As our tea shop owner navigates the world of modern dating, each encounter reveals not only the diversity of potential partners but also the rich cultural mosaic that defines contemporary China. From traditional matchmaking events to unconventional blind dates set against the backdrop of ancient temples and bustling cityscapes, the narrative takes unexpected twists and turns.

The film skillfully explores the protagonist’s personal growth, as she grapples with the expectations of her family and the societal pressures surrounding love and marriage. Through each date, the audience witnesses the evolution of our heroine, as she confronts her own beliefs, challenges societal norms, and discovers the true essence of love.

Amidst the laughter, tears, and heartwarming moments, “Five Blind Dates” becomes a celebration of love in all its forms — a testament to the enduring power of connection and the resilience of the human spirit. The tea shop, once a backdrop, transforms into a symbol of unity, bringing together individuals from diverse walks of life.

In the final act, as the last blind date approaches, the audience is left on the edge of their seats, wondering whether the prophecy will come true or if destiny has a different plan. The film’s climax is a culmination of emotional highs and lows, as the tea shop owner discovers that true love often defies expectations, transcending the boundaries set by fortune-tellers and societal norms.

Five Blind Dates” is more than just a romantic comedy; it’s a profound exploration of identity, culture, and the timeless quest for love. Through its engaging narrative and well-crafted characters, the film invites audiences to reflect on their own journeys, reminding us all that sometimes, the most meaningful connections are found in the least expected places.”

Five Blind Dates 2024 Parents Guide

  • Romantic Themes: The movie revolves around the protagonist’s journey through five blind dates in search of her soulmate. Expect frequent romantic scenes and discussions about love and relationships.
  • Mild Humor: The film features humor throughout, often in the context of the protagonist’s dating experiences. The comedic elements are light-hearted and suitable for a broad audience.
  • Cultural Exploration: “Five Blind Dates” delves into Chinese culture, offering insights into traditions, family dynamics, and modern dating practices. It provides an opportunity for cultural learning.
  • Emotional Moments: The narrative includes emotionally charged scenes, ranging from heartwarming moments to moments of self-discovery. Some viewers may find certain scenes touching.
  • No Explicit Content: The film does not contain explicit content, nudity, or strong language. It maintains a family-friendly tone suitable for a general audience.
  • Positive Messages: The story conveys positive messages about love, personal growth, and the importance of familial relationships. It promotes understanding and acceptance.

Cast of Five Blind Dates Film

  1. Philip Lynch as Lincoln
  2. Shuang Hu as Lia
  3. Ilai Swindells as Mason
  4. Harrison Green as Guy at Bar
  5. Mike Duncan as Townsville Driver
  6. Tiffany Wong as Alice
  7. Susan Ling Young as Gilly
  8. Renee Lim as Jing
  9. Scott Lee as Nigel
  10. Tzi Ma as Xian
  11. Gabrielle Chan as Mrs. Li
  12. Teale Howie as Trey
  13. Joshua McElroy as Michael
  14. Jon Prasida as Ezra
  15. Miles Bugby as Man in Tank Top
  16. Sara West as Cici
  17. Meg Clarke as Mimi
  18. Yoson An as Richard
  19. Mel Jarnson as Rosie
  20. Olivia Suleimon as Speakeasy Hostesses
  21. Darya Miroshnikova as Speakeasy Hostesses
  22. Desmond Chiam as Apollo
  23. Clayton Wheeler as Lia’s Makeover Team
  24. Weerasak Prateep Na Thalang as Lia’s Makeover Team
  25. Rob Collins as Curtis
  26. Kathryn Edmonds as Bridal Shop Owner
  27. Ethan Lamb-Kelly as Young Teen
  28. Mya Wong as Young Lia
  29. Linda Hsia as Popo
  30. Sebastian Tang as Excited Teen
  31. Fabio Isiais as Meme Performer (credited as Fabio Augusto Isaias)
  32. James Cassells as Meme Performer
  33. Alexis Hutchinson as Meme Performer
  34. Gabriel Alvarado as Meme Performer
  35. Makaitaise Matipano as Meme Performer
  36. Isabella Czarnocki as Meme Performer
  37. Judy Heng as Meme Performer
  38. Belinda Jombwe as Anna – Shy Woman
  39. Iris Li as Pipa Band
  40. Marina Seet as Pipa Band
  41. Michael Li as Pipa Band
  42. Roy Zhang as Pipa Band
  43. Ella Xiao as Pipa Band
  44. Brian Sim as Pipa Band

Key Points:

  1. Plot: The protagonist, a tea shop owner, takes on five blind dates after a fortune-teller’s prophecy alters her life.
  2. Cultural Exploration: The film delves into Chinese culture, showcasing traditions, family dynamics, and modern dating practices.
  3. Character Growth: Through diverse dating experiences, the main character evolves, challenging societal norms and discovering the essence of love.
  4. Emotional Journey: The narrative includes heartwarming and touching moments, exploring themes of self-discovery and familial relationships.
  5. Family-Friendly: The movie maintains a family-friendly tone with no explicit content, making it suitable for a broad audience.
  6. Positive Messages: “Five Blind Dates” conveys positive messages about love, personal growth, and the importance of familial relationships.
  7. Release Date: Scheduled for February 13, 2024, the film features a stellar cast including Shuang Hu, Yoson An, and Jon Prasida.