Baghead 2024 Parents Guide

Baghead, a horror film directed by Alberto Corredor, is set to release in the United Kingdom on January 26, 2024. Written by Christina Pamies, Bryce McGuire, and Lorcan Reilly, the film has a runtime of 1 hour and 34 minutes. Produced by The Picture Company and Vertigo Entertainment, it is yet to receive an age rating.

Movie NameBaghead
DirectorAlberto Corredor
WritersChristina Pamies, Bryce McGuire, Lorcan Reilly
Age ratingNot Yet
Release DateJanuary 26, 2024 (United Kingdom)
Country of OriginUnited Kingdom
Production CompaniesThe Picture Company, Vertigo Entertainment
Official SiteSitio Oficial Latinoamérica
Runtime1 hour 34 minutes

Baghead Plot Summary

After the unexpected demise of her estranged father, a gritty and atmospheric tale unfolds for Iris, portrayed by Freya Allan. In the wake of this tragedy, Iris is thrust into an unexpected inheritance—an ancient, dilapidated pub with a storied past. The setting shifts to the vibrant cityscape of Berlin, where Iris embarks on a journey to both identify her father’s remains and confront the enigmatic legacy he has left behind.

Enter The Solicitor, a mysterious figure brought to life by Ned Dennehy, who holds the keys to unraveling the secrets of the pub’s estate. As Iris delves deeper into the tangled threads of her father’s life, she unwittingly seals her fate with the signing of the deed. Little does she realize that this act binds her to an unimaginable force dwelling in the pub’s depths—a malevolent entity known as Baghead. This shape-shifting creature possesses the macabre ability to take on the appearance of the deceased, offering solace to grieving loved ones for a steep price—two thousand in cash for a mere two minutes with the creature.

The narrative takes an intriguing turn as Neil, played by Jeremy Irvine, becomes Iris’s first customer. Grieving the loss of his wife, Neil is desperate enough to seek solace in Baghead’s otherworldly abilities. Caught in the throes of temptation, Iris contemplates exploiting the creature’s powers to aid others in their moments of desperation—for a fee. In this murky moral landscape, Iris grapples with the legacy left by her father and the seductive allure of Baghead’s supernatural capabilities.

However, as Iris begins to tread on treacherous ground, a chilling realization dawns upon her: the consequences of breaking the two-minute rule are far more terrifying than she could have ever anticipated. The plot thickens as Iris, along with her steadfast best friend Katie, portrayed by Ruby Barker, finds herself entangled in a battle for control over Baghead. Together, they must unravel the mysteries surrounding the creature and devise a plan to obliterate it before they become victims of its malevolence.

Amidst a backdrop of suspense and supernatural intrigue, “Baghead” unfolds as a gripping tale of temptation, consequences, and the relentless pursuit of power. Iris’s journey becomes a haunting exploration of the thin line between exploiting the supernatural for personal gain and the harrowing price one must pay when meddling with forces beyond human comprehension.

Baghead 2024 Parents Guide

  • Violence/Gore: Moderate. Includes scenes of supernatural violence, shape-shifting, and unsettling imagery related to the creature, Baghead. Some blood and gore during intense confrontations.
  • Language: Mild. Occasional use of profanity and strong language in tense situations.
  • Sex/Nudity: Minimal. Brief suggestive content, but no explicit scenes.
  • Substance Use: Moderate. Depiction of characters consuming alcohol in pub settings. No explicit drug use.
  • Frightening/Intense Scenes: High. The film features suspenseful and intense sequences involving supernatural elements. The shape-shifting nature of Baghead may be frightening for some viewers.
  • Themes: Morality, temptation, consequences, and the supernatural. The movie explores dark themes related to exploiting supernatural powers for personal gain.

Note: “Baghead” is likely suitable for mature teenagers and older due to its intense and suspenseful nature. Viewer discretion is advised for those sensitive to supernatural horror elements.

Cast of Baghead Film

  1. Freya Allan as Iris Lark
  2. Jeremy Irvine as Neil
  3. Ruby Barker as Katie
  4. Peter Mullan as Owen Lark
  5. Anne Müller as Baghead
  6. Svenja Jung as Sarah
  7. Ned Dennehy as Solicitor
  8. Julika Jenkins as Regina
  9. Saffron Burrows as Catherine

Key Points:

  1. Plot: Iris inherits a pub with a dark past, discovering Baghead, a shape-shifting entity.
  2. Characters: Freya Allan as Iris, Jeremy Irvine as Neil, Ruby Barker as Katie, and Ned Dennehy as the mysterious Solicitor.
  3. Supernatural Element: Baghead offers solace to the grieving by taking on the appearance of the deceased.
  4. Moral Dilemmas: Iris contemplates exploiting Baghead’s powers for personal gain, leading to unforeseen consequences.
  5. Violence/Gore: Moderate supernatural violence, shape-shifting, and unsettling imagery.
  6. Language: Mild profanity in tense situations.
  7. Sex/Nudity: Minimal suggestive content, no explicit scenes.
  8. Substance Use: Moderate alcohol consumption in pub settings.
  9. Frightening/Intense Scenes: High intensity with suspenseful sequences involving Baghead’s shape-shifting.
  10. Themes: Exploration of morality, temptation, consequences, and the supernatural.

Note: Recommended for mature teenagers and older due to intense and suspenseful nature. Viewer discretion advised for those sensitive to supernatural horror elements.