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Adam the First 2024 Parents Guide

Adam the First is a captivating drama film “Directed and written by Irving Franco, set to release on February 14, 2024, in the United States. The film stars David Duchovny, T.R. Knight, and Oakes Fegley. Produced by Randomix Productions and Adam 1 Pictures, the English-language movie explores profound themes, promising a captivating cinematic experience.

Movie NameAdam the First
RatingNot Yet
DirectorIrving Franco
WriterIrving Franco
Release DateFebruary 14, 2024 (US)
Country of OriginUnited States
Production CompaniesRandomix Productions, Adam 1 Pictures
StarsDavid Duchovny, T.R. Knight, Oakes Fegley

Adam the First Plot Summary

In the heartwarming coming-of-age film, “Crossroads of Kin,” we follow the journey of Adam, a curious and determined 14-year-old boy, who embarks on a cross-country adventure after discovering a mysterious letter among his late mother’s belongings. The letter unveils a list of names and addresses, igniting a quest to uncover the identity of his father.

As Adam sets out on this emotionally charged road trip, he encounters a diverse group of men, each with their own unique stories and backgrounds. The list takes him through bustling cities, quaint towns, and picturesque landscapes, offering a visual feast that mirrors the kaleidoscope of human connections.

The first on the list is David, an artist living in a vibrant urban enclave. Through conversations and shared memories, Adam discovers the artistic spirit he inherited from his father. David, however, is not the biological link Adam seeks, prompting him to journey onward.

The next destination introduces Adam to Richard, a compassionate small-town doctor. Their time together reveals a shared love for helping others and a sense of responsibility that resonates deeply. Yet, the genetic connection remains elusive, pushing Adam to continue his exploration.

Amidst the backdrop of his travels, Adam encounters colorful characters, each contributing to his personal growth. From a wise old mentor in a hidden village to a charismatic musician in a bustling metropolis, the tapestry of experiences shapes Adam’s understanding of family and self.

The penultimate meeting brings Adam to Jonathan, a successful businessman in a bustling city. Here, he discovers the entrepreneurial spirit that seems to run in his blood. Yet, once again, the truth about his father remains elusive, pushing him to confront the final name on the list.

As Adam reaches the end of his journey, he encounters Michael, a kind-hearted farmer in a serene countryside. Here, he unearths a deep connection to nature and a profound sense of belonging. The emotional climax reveals the man who holds the key to Adam’s true lineage.

In a poignant reunion, Adam discovers that family is not defined solely by blood but by the shared experiences, values, and love that bind people together. “Crossroads of Kin” beautifully captures the essence of self-discovery, the importance of human connection, and the realization that our true family may extend beyond the confines of biological relationships. The film concludes with Adam returning home, forever changed by the transformative odyssey that shaped his understanding of identity and belonging.

Adam the First 2024 Parents Guide

  • Themes: The movie explores themes of identity, family, and self-discovery.
  • Language: Mild language is present, suitable for a general audience.
  • Violence: Limited to emotional conflicts; no intense physical violence.
  • Sexual Content: None.
  • Drug/Alcohol Use: Occasional scenes depict adult characters in social settings with moderate alcohol consumption.
  • Positive Messages: The film emphasizes the importance of human connections, acceptance, and the idea that family is not solely defined by blood.
  • Intensity/Scary Scenes: Some emotional moments may be intense for younger viewers, but there are no frightening or scary scenes.
  • Role Models: The protagonist, Adam, serves as a positive role model for resilience, curiosity, and a willingness to embrace diverse perspectives.
  • Educational Value: The film offers insights into different professions, fostering a sense of appreciation for varied life experiences.
  • Overall Rating: “Crossroads of Kin” is suitable for a broad audience, making it a family-friendly film with positive messages and minimal objectionable content.

Cast of Adam the First Film

  • David Duchovny: James
  • T.R. Knight: Jacob Jr.
  • Oakes Fegley: Adam
  • Larry Pine: Jacob #3
  • Billy Slaughter: The Bounty Hunter
  • Kevin Wayne: Rex
  • René Mena: Undocumented Immigrant Diego
  • Darryl Cox: Seminar Host
  • Eric Hanson: Jacob #1
  • Adrian Lockett: Young Man
  • Gerardo Davila: Julio
  • Holly Bonney: Sarah
  • Hartleigh Buwick: Adam’s Mother
  • Kim Jackson Davis: Mary
  • Hick Cheramie: Prisoner
  • K Steele: Gwen (as K. Steele)
  • K.J. Baker: Rebecca Waterson (as Kimberly S. Baker)
  • Ned Yousef: Coyote #2

Key Points:

  • “Crossroads of Kin” follows 14-year-old Adam’s cross-country quest to discover his father’s identity.
  • The journey introduces diverse characters, each contributing to Adam’s personal growth.
  • Themes include identity, family, and self-discovery, culminating in a redefined concept of family.
  • Parental guide: Mild language, limited violence (emotional conflicts), no sexual content, occasional moderate alcohol scenes.
  • Positive messages emphasize human connections, acceptance, and a broad definition of family.
  • Adam serves as a positive role model for resilience and curiosity.
  • Insight into different professions adds educational value.
  • Suitable for a broad audience, family-friendly with minimal objectionable content.