One Life 2023 Parents Guide

One Life is a 2023 British biographical drama that recounts the remarkable story of British humanitarian Nicholas Winton, Directed by James Hawes. The film focuses on Winton’s efforts to assist groups of Jewish children in German-occupied Czechoslovakia, aiding them in hiding and escaping in 1938–39, just before the outbreak of World War II. Anthony Hopkins and Johnny Flynn portray Winton, supported by a cast including Lena Olin, Romola Garai, Alex Sharp, Jonathan Pryce, and Helena Bonham Carter.

The film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 9, 2023, followed by its European debut at the 2023 London Film Festival. Warner Bros. Pictures is set to release ‘One Life‘ in the United Kingdom on January 1, 2024.

Movie NameOne life
GenreHistory, Drama, Biography
RatingNot Yet
DirectorJames Hawes
WritersLucinda Coxon, Nick Drake
Release DateJanuary 1, 2024 (UK)
Country of OriginUnited Kingdom
Filming LocationsCzech Republic
Production CompaniesSee-Saw Films, MBK Productions, BBC Film
Runtime1 hour 50 minutes

One Life Plot Summary:

In the compelling narrative of the film, we delve into the remarkable life of the British humanitarian, Nicholas Winton. Set against the backdrop of the impending World War II, the story unfolds with gripping intensity as Winton embarks on a courageous mission to rescue hundreds of Central European children from the clutches of the Nazis.

As the dark clouds of war loom large, Winton’s generous spirit shines brightly. The film meticulously traces his tireless efforts and ingenuity in orchestrating the daring rescue operation. Winton becomes a beacon of hope, working against the ticking clock to navigate the complex geopolitical challenges and bureaucratic obstacles between him and the innocent lives he seeks to save.

The plot unfurls with tension and emotion as Winton, portrayed with depth and nuance by Anthony Hopkins, navigates the moral and ethical complexities of his mission. We witness the personal sacrifices he makes, the risks he takes, and the profound impact his actions have on the lives of those he saves. Johnny Flynn’s portrayal of Winton adds a layer of authenticity, capturing the humanity and vulnerability of a man thrust into extraordinary circumstances.

Against the historical canvas of Nazi-occupied Central Europe, the film explores the resilience and courage of the children involved in their harrowing journey to safety and the indomitable spirit that emerges even in the face of unspeakable adversity. It’s a poignant exploration of the power of human compassion and the extraordinary lengths one person can go to make a difference.

The cinematography captures both the sweeping landscapes and intimate moments, immersing the audience in the tension of the times and the emotional weight of Winton’s choices. The supporting cast, including Lena Olin, Romola Garai, Alex Sharp, Jonathan Pryce, and Helena Bonham Carter, adds depth to the narrative, portraying characters whose lives intersect with Winton’s in profound ways.

As the film unfolds, it not only pays tribute to Nicholas Winton’s heroism but also serves as a powerful reminder of the collective resilience and humanity that can emerge even in the darkest chapters of history. One Life is a poignant and gripping exploration of one man’s extraordinary journey to defy the forces of oppression and bring a glimmer of hope to a world on the brink of chaos.

One Life 2023 Parents Guide

  • Violence: The movie includes depictions of war-related tension and perilous situations, particularly during the Nazi occupation. While it avoids gratuitous violence, scenes may convey the severity of wartime conditions.
  • Disturbing Scenes: The narrative focuses on the rescue mission involving Central European children during World War II, and as such, it may contain emotionally intense and distressing scenes related to the harsh realities of the time.
  • Language: Expect mild language usage. While not pervasive, some instances may occur throughout the film.
  • Sensitivity: Given its historical context, the film delves into the Holocaust and wartime challenges. It’s recommended for viewers who can handle the emotional intensity associated with these themes.
  • Recommended Age: Due to the historical and intense nature of the content, the film is more suitable for mature teenagers and adults. Parents should use their discretion based on their child’s sensitivity to historical and wartime subjects.
  • Note: Parents are encouraged to stay informed about official ratings and consult detailed parental guidance closer to the release date, as it can provide more specific information about the content, allowing them to make well-informed decisions based on their family’s preferences and sensitivities.

Cast of One Life (2023 film)

  • Jonathan Pryce: Martin Blake
  • Lena Olin: Grete Winton
  • Samantha Spiro: Esther Rantzen
  • Adrian Rawlins: Geoff
  • Marthe Keller: Betty Maxwell
  • Anthony Hopkins: Nicholas Winton
  • Johnny Flynn: Nicholas Winton (Young)
  • Romola Garai: Doreen Warriner
  • Helena Bonham Carter: Babette Winton
  • Alex Sharp: Trevor
  • Ziggy Heath: Martin Blake (Young)
  • Tom Glenister: William
  • Ffion Jolly: Barbara Winton


One Life (2023) is a British biographical drama directed by James Hawes, portraying the remarkable story of humanitarian Nicholas Winton. Set against the backdrop of World War II, the film focuses on Winton’s courageous mission to rescue Jewish children from Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia in 1938–39. Anthony Hopkins and Johnny Flynn deliver compelling performances as Winton, supported by a strong cast including Lena Olin and Helena Bonham Carter.

Key Points:

  1. Plot Focus: The film centers on Nicholas Winton’s daring mission to rescue Jewish children from Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia before World War II.
  2. Cast: Anthony Hopkins and Johnny Flynn portray Winton, with a supporting cast including Lena Olin, Romola Garai, and Helena Bonham Carter.
  3. Premiere and Release: Premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival, “One Life” is set for a UK release on January 1, 2024.
  4. Themes: The narrative explores Winton’s sacrifices, ethical dilemmas, and the impact of his actions against the historical backdrop of Nazi-occupied Europe.
  5. Parents Guide: The film is advised for mature audiences due to war-related tension, emotionally intense scenes, mild language, and its historical context. Parents are encouraged to use discretion based on their child’s sensitivity.
  6. Runtime: The movie has a runtime of 1 hour 50 minutes.
  7. Production: Produced by See-Saw Films, MBK Productions, and BBC Film, the cinematography captures both sweeping landscapes and intimate moments.
  8. Historical Context: One Life pays tribute to Nicholas Winton’s heroism and serves as a powerful reminder of human compassion during dark historical chapters.

This summary provides a concise overview of the movie, covering its key elements and themes.