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Dealing with Christmas Parents Guide

Dealing with Christmas, a PG-13 rated comedy set to be released on December 8, 2023. Directed by Arthur Sanigou and written by Arthur Sanigou and Pierre Dudan (II), this French-language film promises a blend of humor and festive cheer. Produced by Amazon, it brings a unique take on the holiday season, making it a noteworthy addition to the comedy genre.

Movie NameDealing with Christmas
Relapsed DateDecember 8, 2023
Original LanguageFrench (France)
DirectorArthur Sanigou
WritersArthur Sanigou, Pierre Dudan (II)
Production CompanyAmazon

Dealing with Christmas Plot Summary

Greg, played by Matthias Quiviger, faces the challenging life of an undercover cop, a profession that keeps him from spending quality time with his daughter Romy, portrayed by Emie Vannier. His commitment to duty even prevents him from fulfilling a promise to be with Romy for Christmas.

In a whimsical twist, Greg finds himself magically transported into the world of Romy’s beloved film, and the on-screen dad, Richard, played by Eric Judor, is inexplicably thrust into the real world. The two find themselves inhabiting each other’s bodies and lives, and the only means of communication is through walkie-talkie watches.

Now faced with this bizarre predicament, the two dads must navigate the challenges of each other’s worlds to repair their strained family relationships and ultimately find a way to switch back.

Despite the familiarity of the body-swap concept, “Dealing With Christmas” breathes new life into the narrative by seamlessly blending the real world with a vibrant movie universe. The contrast between the two worlds, evident in tone, colors, and dialogue, adds an entertaining layer to the storytelling.

The faux movie world, with its Hallmark-style cheesiness, includes elements like a greedy real estate developer, a local contest with a substantial monetary prize, and the imperative to save the family home. The artificiality of this setting provides humor, especially when the movie daughter rebels against her mom’s imposed dreams and restrictions on her passions.

In contrast, the real world presents Richard with more serious challenges, dealing with drug dealers, law enforcement, and the tangible threat of danger if he missteps. The situational irony, coupled with Eric Judor’s impeccable comedic timing in portraying an earnest and naïve character, results in moments of genuine laughter.

Despite the darker undertones, the film maintains a balance, ultimately delivering a heartwarming message about the value of family and the importance of being good fathers, all wrapped up in a festive holiday spirit.

While “Dealing With Christmas” is a festive and humorous treat, it comes with a caveat. It may not be suitable for younger audiences or those sensitive to mature content. The inclusion of drug-related plot elements, violence, and profanity categorizes it as a film for more mature viewers.

Nevertheless, for adults willing to overlook these aspects, the movie offers a delightful surprise. It’s important to note that an English dub is currently unavailable, so subtitles are the sole option for those who don’t speak French. Despite this, “Joyeux Noel” resonates, making “Dealing With Christmas” a unique and enjoyable addition to the holiday film lineup.

Dealing with Christmas Parents Guide

Why is Dealing with Christmas rated PG-13?

Dealing with Christmas is rated PG-13 by the MPAA due to its inclusion of violent scenes featuring guns and various weapons, including torture and the use of a shock collar resulting in bloody injuries


The film includes scenes where characters carry and use guns. Various weapons are utilized during fights, and individuals are shot with a tranquilizer gun. Notably, there is a scene where a man is subjected to torture, specifically having his teeth pulled out, although the extraction is not depicted on screen. Additionally, a man is compelled to wear a shock collar, which is employed multiple times, resulting in visible bloody injuries.

Sexual Content:

Dealing with Christmas contains some sexual references, contributing to the PG-13 rating. Adult couples share kisses in the film, implying a level of intimacy that may not be suitable for younger audiences.


The script of the film incorporates a single instance of a sexual expletive. Furthermore, there are approximately 30 mild and moderate expletives, as well as the use of two terms referencing deity. The presence of such language contributes to the PG-13 rating, as it may not be deemed suitable for a younger audience.

Alcohol / Drug Use:

A significant part of the plot revolves around a drug cooking operation, introducing mature themes related to drug-related activities. Additionally, there is a scene where a character experiences drug-induced hallucinations. Adult characters are portrayed drinking in some scenes, contributing to the film’s PG-13 rating due to the inclusion of these mature elements.

Dealing with Christmas Cast:

  1. Éric Judor
  2. Ragnar Le Breton
  3. Alex Lutz
  4. Lison Daniel
  5. Laura Felpin
  6. Paul Deby
  7. Kim Higelin
  8. Catherine Hosmalin
  9. Bruno Sanches
  10. François Vincentelli
  11. Philippe Lacheau


Dealing with Christmas” is a PG-13 rated comedy scheduled for release on December 8, 2023. Directed by Arthur Sanigou and written by Arthur Sanigou and Pierre Dudan (II), this French-language film brings a unique blend of humor and festive cheer, making it a standout addition to the comedy genre. Produced by Amazon, the movie follows Greg, an undercover cop portrayed by Matthias Quiviger, facing the challenges of balancing his profession with the desire to spend time with his daughter, Romy, played by Emie Vannier. A whimsical twist unfolds when Greg finds himself transported into Romy’s favorite Christmas movie, swapping places with the on-screen dad, Richard, portrayed by Éric Judor. The two dads navigate each other’s worlds, leading to a heartwarming tale that seamlessly blends reality with the magic of cinema. While the film delivers laughs with its contrast of real and movie worlds, it also introduces mature themes, including violence, sexual content, profanity, and drug-related plot elements, warranting its PG-13 rating. The cast includes notable names such as Éric Judor, Ragnar Le Breton, Alex Lutz, and more, enhancing the film’s appeal for audiences seeking a festive and humorous treat with a touch of mature content.