Bad Surgeon Love Under the Knife Parents Guide 2023

Bad Surgeon: Love Under the Knife” is a gripping crime documentary series, directed by Ben Steele, that unravels the dark world of medical malfeasance. Released on Nov 29, 2023, on Netflix, each of the three episodes exposes the shocking stories of lives forever changed by unscrupulous surgeons. The series, set in the United States, features a compelling cast, including Benita Alexander, Erica Greene, Dorne Lyles, Kalle Grinnemo, and Bosse Lindquis, who provide firsthand accounts of the harrowing events.

Series NameBad Surgeon Love Under the Knife
Age RatingNot Rated Yet
GenreCrime, Documentary
DirectorBen Steele
Released DateNov 29, 2023
Run TimeRun Time
Country of OriginUnited States
Official WebsiteNetflix

Bad Surgeon Love Under the Knife Storyline:

In the tumultuous landscape of groundbreaking medical advancements, the spotlight fell on the enigmatic Paolo Macchiarini in 2011, as he embarked on a daring quest to revolutionize regenerative medicine. Armed with audacious innovation, Macchiarini sought to alleviate the suffering of patients desperate for a cure by introducing a pioneering approach—implanting plastic windpipes infused with the patient’s own stem cells.

As the world watched with bated breath, Macchiarini’s endeavors took an unexpected turn. Revelations emerged that cast a dark shadow over his groundbreaking work. The once-lauded surgeon was accused of a breach of trust as he stood accused of fabricating research outcomes, a betrayal that would prove fatal for some of the patients under his care.

Tragically, the hope that Macchiarini’s procedures instilled in the hearts of those seeking salvation turned into a nightmare. Three patients, driven by desperation and a yearning for a second chance at life, met an untimely demise following the experimental surgeries. A fourth, surviving against the odds, later faced the grim reality of having their artificial windpipe removed a stark reminder of the fine line between medical innovation and ethical responsibility.

The courtroom drama unfolded with the Swedish appeals court rendering its verdict on a fateful Wednesday. Paolo Macchiarini, once hailed as a medical maverick, now faced the consequences of his actions. The gavel fell, pronouncing a two-and-a-half-year prison sentence a verdict aimed at holding him accountable for the lives lost under the guise of medical progress.

Unyielding in his denial of criminal wrongdoing, Macchiarini stood firm in the face of damning evidence. The intricacies of the case were dissected as the Svea Court of Appeal meticulously examined the circumstances surrounding each tragic outcome. In their judgment, the court contended that two of the deceased patients did not warrant emergency intervention, challenging the very essence of Macchiarini’s approach. The third, it was ruled, underwent a procedure devoid of justification—a stark departure from the ethical principles that should govern medical experimentation.

The court’s scathing assessment revealed a disturbing truth—Macchiarini had been cognizant of the potential harm and suffering his interventions could inflict. Despite harboring hope in the success of his unorthodox methods, his indifference to the inherent risks became a central tenet of the legal proceedings. The courtroom echoed with the haunting realization that, in the pursuit of medical advancement, ethical boundaries had been breached, and lives irreversibly altered.

The tale of Paolo Macchiarini serves as a cautionary narrative, reminding the world of the delicate balance between innovation and responsibility in the realm of medical science. It prompts reflection on the ethical imperative that must accompany pioneering endeavors, underscoring the profound impact that unbridled ambition can have on the lives entrusted to the care of those who dare to push the boundaries of possibility.

Bad Surgeon Love Under the Knife Parents Guide

Content Overview:

Parents should be aware that “Bad Surgeon: Love Under the Knife” is a docuseries that explores the case of Dr. Paolo Machiarini, a surgeon responsible for intentional malpractice resulting in the slow and painful deaths of multiple patients. The series contains footage of surgeries, showcasing patients in distress after procedures and before their demise. Profanity, including “hell,” “s–t,” and “f–k,” is present.

Educational Value:

The series provides educational insights into organ transplantation, regenerative medicine, and touches on journalistic ethics. While the primary focus is on the medical malpractice case, viewers can gain knowledge about these medical fields.

Positive Role Models:

Many patients portrayed in the series exhibit positive attitudes, courage, and perseverance despite facing devastating medical diagnoses. Their stories highlight resilience in challenging circumstances.

Violence & Scariness:

Real surgical footage is included, depicting patients in pain during and after procedures. The series doesn’t shy away from the emotional and physical toll on patients and their families. Descriptions include enduring tortuous procedures, with some patients “coughing up pieces of their own flesh.” Family members discuss the pain and trauma experienced after controversial surgeries. A man briefly mentions having suicidal thoughts.

Sex, Romance & Nudity:

The plot involves Dr. Machiarini’s romantic pursuit of a journalist, featuring scenes of their courtship, elaborate dates, and romantic communications. While not explicit, this subplot adds a layer of complexity to the series.


Profanity is present, including the use of “hell,” “s–t,” and “f–k.” Parents should be mindful of the mature language throughout the series.

Bad Surgeon Love Under the Knife Cast:

Here is the list of cast names:

  1. Benita Alexander
  2. Erica Greene
  3. Dorne Lyles
  4. Kalle Grinnemo
  5. Bosse Lindquist
  6. Johannes Wahlström
  7. Matt Alexander
  8. Sarah Alexander
  9. Oscar Simonson
  10. Matthias Corbascio
  11. Ana Paula Bernardes

Key Points In The Movie:

  1. Plot: The series examines the case of Paolo Macchiarini, a surgeon accused of intentional malpractice and the deaths of three patients.
  2. Innovation gone wrong: Macchiarini’s pioneering approach involving plastic windpipes and stem cells takes a dark turn, resulting in fatalities and accusations of research fabrication.
  3. Courtroom Drama: Macchiarini faces legal consequences, receiving a two-and-a-half-year prison sentence for breaching ethical boundaries in medical experimentation.
  4. Ethical Dilemma: The documentary highlights the fine line between medical progress and ethical responsibility, emphasizing the need for caution in pushing the boundaries of medical science.
  5. Content Warning: The series includes real surgical footage, emotional toll on patients, profanity, and a romantic subplot, adding complexity to the narrative.
  6. Educational Value: Offers insights into organ transplantation, regenerative medicine, and touches on journalistic ethics.
  7. Positive Aspects: Despite the grim narrative, some patients exhibit positive attitudes, courage, and perseverance, emphasizing resilience in challenging circumstances.
  8. Cast: Features a compelling cast, including Benita Alexander, Erica Greene, Dorne Lyles, Kalle Grinnemo, and Bosse Lindquist, providing firsthand accounts of the events.
  9. Release: Launched on Netflix, Nov 29, 2023, the series is categorized as a crime documentary with elements of drama and romance